Weekends: Phang Nga Bay

My family and I spent part of our Christmas vacation exploring Phang Nga Bay through John Gray’s Ocean Canoe company. We highly recommend booking a tour through this company! Our guides were great and also helped us make a kratong that we later lit inside anย open-air cave inside one of the islands. Simply, a magical day.

Weekends: Hakone Open Air Museum

I realized that I leave little room for surprises on my weekend excursions to other cities and countries. The greatest surprise so far was the Hakone Open Air Museum. Due to some train-related misadventures, I arrived in Hakone a little later than I wanted to and thought that I’d rush through some of the sites to make up for time. This museum abruptly nipped that plan in the bud. The museum has a pretty impressive collection including works by Picasso. It is by far the strangest museum I have been to. As you wander around the grounds, it’s hard to not be overwhelmed by the dramatic backdrop of the mountains.