Originally posted January 19th, 2012 on Intersections.

Warning: This article is extremely video-heavy. If you are looking to procrastinate/entertain yourself, read on. If not, come back later.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m definitely looking forward to Intercession. Not only will I be returning to the idyllic weather of Southern California, but I’ll also be attending VIBE XVII Dance Competition. The lineup is absolutely insane, as it should be since this competition kicks off the West Coast choreography competition circuit. Just take one look at the competing teams and you’ll understand why VIBE has been described as the ‘Wrestlemania’ of dance competitions. This year, VIBE will be featuring musical guest and YouTube star, JR Aquino, and hosted by Lawrence Kao formerly of Kaba Modern and Kunal Dudheker, YouTube comedian. Read after the jump learn more about what to expect from VIBE.

The first thing I noticed about the lineup is that my hometown, San Diego, CA, is rolling mad deep, represented by 220, Choreo Cookies, and Super Galactic Beat Manipulators (SGBM). Yes, I do realize that a majority of the teams are still from in an around LA and the OC, but it’s hard not to take pride in your hometown when the teams repping your city collaborate and can produce something like this. Not to mention one of the teams, Choreo Cookies, is the two-time defending champion. Check out their winning 2011 performance below:

That being said, the game has changed significantly in the past year. Although SGBM did compete in VIBE XVI, they did not even place. However since then, SGBM has gone on to take 3rd at Body Rock 2011, 3rd at Fusion XII, 1st in the Mega Crew Division USA Finals at Hip Hop International, and 2nd in the Mega Crew World Finals at HHI. Needless to say SGBM is a crew to look out for at this year’s competition. Oh and don’t forget about Academy of Villains, hailing from San Mateo, CA, who took the title at World of Dance: Bay Area with a near perfect score. Most of the other teams have competed in VIBE and some even placed in previous years, but I think SGBM and AoV can really shake things up this year.

At last year’s competition Choreo Cookies took 1st, GRV took 2nd, and Common Ground took 3rd. Check out Choreo Cookies above, and GRV and Common Ground below.

2011 VIBE XVI 2nd Place – GRV

2011 VIBE XVI 3rd Place – Common Ground

Andddd don’t forget the trailer!

Cop your tickets here. Presale ends Friday, January 27th at midnight. Make sure to follow VIBE on Twitter for more updates.

2012 VIBE 17 Dance Competition
Sunday, January 29, 2012
Doors open 4:00PM
Show starts 5:00PM

DAY OF PRICE: $30+$3 Facility Surcharge

Musical Guest: JR Aquino

Hosts: Lawrence Kao & Kunal Dudhekar

Competing Teams
Academy of Villains
Barkada Modern
Choreo Cookies (VIBE XVI – 1st, VIBE XV – 1st, VIBE XIV – 2nd)
Common Ground (VIBE XVI – 3rd, VIBE XV – 2nd)
The Company
Dazzle (Japan)
GRV (2011 VIBE XVI – 2nd)
IV League
Kaba Modern
Kaori Alive (Japan)
PAC Modern
Super Galactic Beat Manipulators
Team Millennia (VIBE XV – 3rd, VIBE XIV – 3rd)

Exhibition Teams
Boogiezone’s Breed
Boogiezone’s Entity
IDK (2011 VIBE Jrs. – 1st)
Style 2 Kill


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