Kevin Nguyen & Dea Sevilla

Dea Sevilla & Kevin Nguyen

Originally posted April 5th, 2012 on Intersections.

If we’re talking about the next generation of choreographers in the urban dance scene, Kevin Nguyen (Super Galactic Beat Manipulators) and Dea Sevilla (Choreo Cookies) have to be my favorites. I am not profiling two choreographers from two different dance teams whom I happen to like; this duo is made of two individuals that just happen to be on two different teams (and really damn good ones). Read more about them after the jump!

Although these two have choreographed together many times before, “Here Goes Nothin’” (below) is their first official project together and it is definitely not nothing. The set is composed of many of their most recent collaborations, but just looking at the track list is indicative of what makes them really special: Robin Thicke, B.o.B., Lil Wayne and Johnny Kemp? Unlike other dancing duos, they don’t have a particular style or tone that they favor and try to branch out from once in a while, but they push themselves to choreograph to pretty much any song that speaks to them.

Again, when Kevin and Dea aren’t working together, they’re probably off dancing with their respective teams. Reminder: SGBM and Choreo Cookies aren’t just two of the top teams in San Diego, but the whole country. What’s really cool about Kevin & Dea is that you see elements of both SGBM and Choreo Cookies in their choreography. For example, in “Here Goes Nothin’” the freeze during the transition at 0:27 is a pretty signature Choreo Cookies move (0:31, 3:19, etc.). The whole Robin Thicke section is very heavily influenced by Choreo Cookies’ style and flavor. On the other hand the Lil Wayne section however is much more SGBM in feel; check out the simple groove at 2:16 that is reminiscent of the “Rack City” section of SGBM’s VIBE XVII set (4:22, 4:32, and more). That being said, they do have a really groovy sense of musicality that I love; 3:20 has to be my favorite moment in “Here Goes Nothin’,” check it out below:

All that being said, my favorite thing about Kevin & Dea is their chemistry. My favorite collaboration of theirs is “Enjoying the View,” simply because of how their relationship comes across on camera. The smiles and general funness of this video just makes me want to dance with them.

Look out for these guys. Boat loads of talent and delightful people to boot!

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Dea Sevilla
Kevin Nguyen


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