Spring Lawnparties Preview 2012 – Childish Gambino

Quadrangle Club: Timeflies, 3 p.m., Childish Gambino, after

Lawnparties will be one of Childish Gambino’s many stops on his tour to promote his first studio album, “Camp,” this spring. Although Donald Glover derived his pseudonym from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator, the theme of childhood dominates both his rap in “Camp” and his stand-up comedy. In fact, the two worlds don’t seem entirely separate for Glover: Last year, he showcased his many talents on his IAMDONALD tour, combining stand-up with hip-hop. Those who know Glover from NBC’s “Community” may find the pop-culture references in his lyrics to be strangely reminiscent of the character of Abed Nadir, the best friend of Glover’s character, Troy Barnes. All said, Glover certainly knows how to entertain a crowd. After all, Gambino is a mastermind.

YouTube It:  “Do Ya Like,” “Freaks & Geeks,” “Bonfire”

Click here to read the entire piece in the May 3rd, 2012 edition of ‘The Prince.’ 


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