ABDC Season 7 Week 8 – LMFAO Challenge

Shufflebot – Photo by Frank Micelotta

Week 8: LMFAO Challenge

Originally posted May 31st, 2012 on Intersections.
*** Sorry for the party spoilers ***

LMFAO! I don’t know about you guys, but I was definitely ready for some party rocking, this week. These top 4 crews have so much potential, yet they’ve only demonstrated a small fraction of what they’re capable of. I was hoping that some good party tunes would help change the game around.

For those of you that attended Body Rock this past Sunday, you may have caught a glimpse of Mos Wanted, RNG, and Elektrolytes. Even Bam was there! He looked tired, IMO. I saw Jeannique on my way out of the venue, and she looked a little upset :/ For the most part, you could tell all the dancers were happy to get out of the world of ABDC and back into the dance community, even if it was just for one night.

@RNGDancers1: Fun night with @MosWantedCrew@Elektrolytes !! Thanks for the tees @JawnHa :)

You guys should all hunt down footage from that show though, especially the Academy of Villains’ Haunted Mansion routine; hands down the most amazing competition I’ve ever been to.

@official_AOV: RT @christiiineeee it’s been an honor to watch @official_AOV at WOD: SF, Vibe & Body Rock. true innovation, heart, and dedication. mind blowing every time.

Shameless gloating, I know, but what can I say. I’m a huge fan :) Back on the topic of ABDC! This is also a point of reference for those of you who think I have ridiculous standards. Truth is, I do. AOV to me represents the pinnacle of showmanship in the competition world. Let’s just say these guys have placed in 11 out of the last 11 competitions they’ve been in, nbd. I know nothing on ABDC will live up to what you see in a major West Coast dance competition, simply due to time and creative restrictions, but keeping this stuff in mind prevents ceiling effects for ABDC competitors, right? Lol, whut?


>o< – Photo by Frank Micelotta

Group Performance – “Live My Life” by Far East Movement ft. LMFAO & Justin Bieber
Summary: Half of RNG and 8 Flavahz open up the top 4 group number, perhaps foreshadowing the Hunger Games of the bottom this week? Bailey glides (0:16)! A lot of stunting/tricking shenanigans happens upstage from (0:26-0:33), but we can’t see it… Is this the first time the camera crew hasn’t zoomed in on the tricks? Ian does a filthy crotch grab at 0:45 on the stairs. Tamara goes into a handstand, walks up the stairs and does some of the most casual hand hops I have ever seen (starts at 0:46). Enter shufflebots (0:54)! Really dope footwork in the group choreo from 1:03 to 1:10. Ohai Elektro-bot TK doing some bboy footwork (1:15) & freeze (1:18). Elektro-bot Chris does some swipes (1:34) and jumps off stage. Ricky Cole = flares (1:54) -> halos (1:56) -> freeze (1:57) -> footwork (1:58).

Thoughts: Favorite group number of the season. I was a bit skeptical at first. Did anyone know this song before this episode aired?

  1. The stage wasn’t packed so I wasn’t worried about whether or not someone’s teeth would get elbowed out.
  2. Super fun!
  3. Choreography wasn’t suuuper complicated, but hype and enjoyable.
  4. Robots.

Mos Wanted Gun Show. – Photo by Frank Micelotta

Mos Wanted Crew – “Sexy and I Know It”
Challenge: Strip & catwalk

@junquemado: I love you!! RT @CorinneLazaroo: Tight, half the world just saw my fiancé half naked thanks MTV.

Summary: Puspos in the video package. Routine starts off with a short, slow serious (runway?) walk downstage, but the guys break into cheesy grins quickly, setting the tone for the rest of the performance. I like the transition at 0:10 into the short group choreo section right before the stripping to the shorts at 0:15. Lol at Mos Wanted throwing Ian and Puspos up front from 0:16 – 0:17 while the rest of the guys ditch the clothes upstage. Ricky, starting at 0:25, does some basic footwork, gets up and sends the movement through the guys strutting their stuff (0:26) to JP who pulls some very LMFAO moves (0:27). Love the moment at 0:33 on “Girl look at that body,” where the guys look at their own asses. The push ups with Ian on the workout machine (JP’s arms) at 0:37 was pretty cool. Gun show (0:42) + Ricky & Jawn doing some flips (0:43). JP’s not-washboard abs & crossed eyes at 0:45. Boys strip down to super short compression shorts at 0:47. Catwalk/diva moment at 0:54 (or see below). Jawn hits some pretty smooth body rolls at 0:59. Guys pretend to try to rip off their shorts, then gather around Jawn as he pulls a leopard print speedo out of his. Jun throwing the speedo into the crowd = A+


Thoughts: Dance-wise there isn’t really all that much to talk about this week that I didn’t already mention in the summary. I will say that I like how the push up/workout machine moment referenced the music video and the Venice Beach culture featured in it. Mos Wanted still has a lot to bring to the table as Freeze noted in the Party Room on Blogging ABDC (below):

22:11:33 – Freeze: One thing ive been keeping an eye on. Ricky hasnt even scratched the surface of his bboying repetiorre, gonna be interesting to see what he does next week.
22:35:55 – Freeze : Jawn and Bam are the only guys they still havent showcased yet, and Ricky to an extent. So yeah im really excited to see if they lay everything on the table next week.

While I wouldn’t say that this was Mos Wanted’s strongest routine of the season, I’m still really glad they owned the performance like they did. For those of you who don’t know Mos Wanted as well as I do or don’t watch all the videos of them dicking around, you probably would’ve never seen this side of them, if they hadn’t done this performance. Unfortunately, ABDC is partially a popularity contest, so establishing and marketing your crew’s personality is really important. Although MWC goes really hard in their choreo, they’re actually really silly guys. It was nice to see their personalities outside of the backstage interviews this week.

D-Trix: Mos Wanted that was your most entertaining performance of this season. This routine… You guys basically just gave the ladies what they want… cute faces, buff upper bodies, and white as HELL skinny ol’ thighs. LOOK AT YOUR THIGHS! Those are some skinny old legs! LANDO look at your leg!  JP you had some great moments  and you were just having fun. The moment you pulled up your shirt, your eyes were all twisted and you was flaunting your 2-pack like it was an 8-pack. You just made it work. You even got Mario jealous!  I wanna get into my favorite moment, this  slo-mo moment right here… look at this cat walk… Thigh, thigh, thigh, and hit the face,  and hit the face! Like I was just entertained, and I had a great time. Well done.

P.S. I’m mildly upset that MTV made such a big deal about Angel’s mom, but didn’t say a thing about Bam’s sister, despite featuring Bam in the video package. In case you didn’t notice, Bam didn’t perform with Mos Wanted this week. Rumor has it that one of his sisters has been battling cancer and word is her condition took a turn for the worse. He decided to spend time with her at the hospital instead of dancing this week.

@bam_martin: Just want to say thank you to everyone for sending love and prayer my way. Means a lot to my sister and the rest of my Fam. Love you guys.

P.P.S. I want the pants.

@Ian_Eastwood: @1DsGiraffe@Ian_Eastwood stop touching your crotch when you’re dancing.”-never! Hahahah.

Elektro Superbot – Photo by Frank Micelotta

Elektrolytes – “Champagne Showers ft. Natalia Kills”
Challenge: 1.  Do the robot! 2. Create robot!
Summary: Opens with most of the guys in a diamond-ish shaped formation executing cannons of basic popping movement. Suddenly TK jumps on the stage, landing on his head, into a super controlled headslide onto the stage (0:07). Dope. Next comes a less interesting, borderline odd group choreo/transition thing that I don’t really like (0:10-0:14). I did like how they highlighted to the high-pitched auto-tuned “Ah” during the chorus (0:17). Next comes a really dope and risky stunt at 0:22 (not really sure what to call it). The setting up of the human cork from 0:30-0:36 was actually interesting and the stunt itself (0:39) was awesome and well-framed. Neat little hat spin at 0:47. Less pretty set-up of the last robot, but I did like the hit at 1:04 when the music ends.

Thoughts: First off, I think the robot challenge did Elektrolytes a ton of favors; this is definitely one of their, if not the, cleanest routines on the show. Their popping was on point; they weren’t just hitting hard, but properly as well. The lines were clean, and they were definitely listening to the music a little more closely than usual. The stunts and pictures the crew did together were all really dope, but I will note that this is the second time MTV’s camera crew has chosen a slo-mo of an Elektro stunt that matches the music over real-time footage. Also, the straight choreography in this routine still left something to be desired. I was hoping for some old school popping or some new interpretation of popping all together, but it didn’t happen. I guess the reflective ski goggles reminded me a bit too much of Poreotics and I expected some mind blowing popping shit to happen. All in all, I think their performance this week is my overall favorite Elektrolytes performance as a crew.

@Elektrolytes: This is a David and Goliath story.

I think Lil Mama is right in saying that being underdogs on the show is what makes Elektro fight so hard week to week. However, I’m not sure Elektro has all the makings of America’s Best Dance Crew. I say this because this was the first time Elektro really took risks and pushed themselves on this show, and I wonder if it’s a bit too late. However, my main concern is that I don’t have any real grasp on Elektro as people. From the video packages and interviews, I can tell that these guys really care about the competition, but I have no idea if I’d want to hang out with them or not. I’m just hesitant to believe a rather faceless crew could win ABDC, considering they’ll be up against 8F and Mos Wanted.

Erin. – Photo by Frank Micelotta

RNG – “Sorry for Party Rocking”
Challenge: Recreate sequence choreographed by Hok including partnered jump thread
Summary: Redfoo’s voice is raspy as hell.  Anyone spot Di “Moon” Zhang of I.aM.mE (ABDC Season 6 Champs) in the video clip? Kids wave bye to their parents, but as soon as their gone, they switch into rage mode. Cue music. Love love love the level change at 0:07 on the small little sound in the back. Marina getting it at 0:12. Bailey goes into dolphin mode at 0:24. The choreo sequence, starting at 0:31,  from the music video was super super super clean and awesome (minus the tutting from 0:41-0:43… duck pond #2 this season, see my week 2 article for the definition of duck pond under Elektrolytes). Not really sure why Paiton’s mouth is moving that much at 0:49. The ending jump over Erin at 1:03 was messy too :/

Thoughts: I liked certain parts of this performance, but I think RNG is still struggling to live up to their Pitbull performance. The best executed sequence in this routine was the choreo from the music video :/ I give RNG props for trying stunts like the one in the music video (which was decent), Bailey’s dolphin dive, and the ending jump. However, their overall ability to execute stunts has been consistently inconsistent. I didn’t feel that last jump was particularly necessary and could have been replaced with something simpler, yet more effective in perfect execution.

I really do like RNG, but this was not the last performance I wanted them to have. Like I mentioned above, the execution was less than stellar this week, especially the duck pond tutting, which makes me sad because cleanliness is one of RNG’s defining characteristics. While I can understand why the producers would prefer 8F over RNG, I’m still upset because RNG is definitely the most improved crew on the show. They really took risks and pushed themselves to change and adapt to the competition, without losing themselves. RNG you will be missed.

P.S. RNG uploaded a video of their LMFAO routine from a dress rehearsal WITHOUT camera blocking! It’s not hard to tell that the routine looks a million times better without all the camera blocking. Not exactly fair, but I guess it’s fine since RNG got eliminated.

Baby female Quest??? Hm. – Photo by Frank Micelotta

8 Flavahz – “Party Rock Anthem”
Challenge: 1. T-step 2. Spongebob 3. Blow up
Summary: I like the kicks they were wearing in the video package. Girls open performance with energy, then half the girls drop to do a partial six step at 0:01. They all get down and do some hand switches and basic bboy floorwork from 0:04 – 0:08. Tamara hits a butterfly twist at 0:09. Spongebob at 0:11.  T-step at 0:22. Push up jump/roll stunt from 0:26-0:29. Attempted toprock at 0:30 into group uniflares at 0:31 into knee floats at 0:33. Camren does a high kick at 0:41, the rest of the girls do back walk-overs or back flips onto the ground while Cam briefly hits a baby freeze at 0:43. Kinda push flip at 0:48. Popping section at 0:56.

Thoughts: Obviously, ABDC fans associate this song with Quest, therefore 8F has to compete with that association, but I’m not sure the answer was to pull excerpts from old Quest performances. The girls did take a big risk in trying all the bboying, but it was very much “little girls trying to be bgirls” and not super authentic (e.g. the toprock). Granted the bboying they did include was pretty clean; I was particularly impressed with the cleanliness of the uniflares into the knee floats. Not bad at all. However, I won’t give them credit on the push flip, for the following reasons

  1. They did the flip in front of and not over the girls.
  2. Although it was 3 (small) girls, I’m sure that’s pretty close to the width of 2 Quest boys.
  3. Botched landing.
  4. Tamara definitely would have landed on the last girl if they tried it over instead of in front of.

At best, I would say it took balls to pull so many signature Quest moves, but there was so little Flavahz in this performance (which was something D-Trix mentioned tangentially). The homage is cool, but 8F’s technique and execution is what makes them great. Yeah it took courage and balls to try some breaking, but I’m not sure they needed to take SO many things from Quest. I would’ve been more impressed if they had done less footwork overall, but had one longer, more confident section of it. Ultimately, the girls did go above and beyond their challenge, so I do have to give them credit for that, even if I feel uncomfortable with the percentage of Quest in that performance.
Eliminated: RNG

@ChrisTrondsen: At least the crew got mad love & the crowd changed their name. Ugh :/
@ChrisTrondsen:Just got off the phone w/ the crew going home tomorrow night on ABDC. I LOVE them. I’m super depressed :/

Final Thoughts: :///////////////// … :(((((((((((

@RNGDancers1: We wanna thank our PARENTS for believing in us! For allowing us to LIVE our DREAMS! Thank you Mom & Dad’s for giving us the chance to LIVE!

Although I’m sad that RNG got eliminated, considering they were consistently improving from week to week, I’m not worried about these kids. They obviously have the talent to keep dancing commercially, if they want it. Speaking of which, check out RNG’s new website, complete with dancer bios, merch store, and booking information!
That’s it! Tune in next week for the David Guetta challenge!

In case anyone doubts whether this show is rigged or not:

” Producers reserve the right, for any reason and in their sole discretion, to modify, suspend or discontinue the voting service without prior notice. MTVN reserves the right to modify the show’s contest rules, and the terms and conditions of this voting process at any time in MTVN’s sole discretion. “

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