Opening Week @ Studio 429

I had the incredible fortune of being in San Diego for Studio 429’s Opening Week, featuring choreography from past Choreo Cookies medleys! When I first saw the schedule, I nearly exploded with excitement; “Blindfolded” was probably the first Cookies set I ever watched and I saw “MJ” live at Body Rock at the beginning of the summer. I’ll be the first to admit I had no idea who the Choreo Cookies were back in 2007 during the Purple Jersey days; at that point I would have never dreamed of dancing outside of the delightfully awkward high school dances, let alone falling obsessively in love with all things dance. However, that only made me more excited; I was going to learn even more about one of the dance community’s most highly regarded teams.

Monday through Thursday featured the schedule posted above, but Friday was scheduled as “The Choreo Cookies Experience.” Here’s a description of that event:

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Choreo Cookie? Well now’s your chance! Come to this exclusive workshop where you will have the opportunity to be a part of a “typical” Choreo Cookie rehearsal – including learning, cleaning, blocking, and performing a piece along side the members of Choreo Cookies
Schedule is as follows:
6:30-7:00PM – Registration
7:00-10:00PM – Workshop
Learn, Clean, Q&A Panel on Blocking, Blocking the Piece, and Performing

 Dream. Come. True.

Little did I know that after learning the choreography and sitting through the Q&A, the students would be broken up into groups to clean and block the choreo. Keone did give us some guidelines; we had to have at least 3 different formations, a level change, a ripple effect or cannon, and some sort of interaction with each other. As someone who has never choreographed before I was terrified, but usually I’m most afraid of the things that will help me grow so I stuck it out. I actually learned so much from my experiences that it would be ridiculous to write it all up in a single post. In the next couple days, I’ll be posting up tidbits of information mixed in with my personal experiences.

Love love love,


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