Fall Lawnparties Preview 2012 – Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind

Quadrangle Club: Third Eye Blind; opener TBD

Third Eye Blind is about to hit Princeton with a wave of ’90s alternative-rock nostalgia. The group has had its own share of struggles with a revolving door of band members, but the natural honesty of its songs’ emotive content remains the same. Their music still sounds like Boy Meets World, summer camp and rocking out in the passenger seat of your mom’s minivan while rolling up your socks on the way to rec soccer.

Revisiting their lyrics, though, reveals a level of darkness you might have missed in your Disney Channel days. Behind its catchy, blue-sky melody, “Semi-Charmed Life” is a story of meth addiction. Themes of directionless-ness, alienation and insecurity sit well with the band’s name, a reference to the humbling and extraordinarily human feeling of not knowing one’s future. New listeners might hear job anxiety and hook-up culture malaise behind the familiar, feel-good riffs of alt-rock, garage-band bounce. Either way, Third Eye Blind promises to be an easy, relatable crowd-pleaser. Expect to rock out to the tune of flashbacks and feelings.

YouTube It: “Semi-Charmed Life,” “Jumper”

Click here to read the entire piece in the September 13th, 2012 edition of The Daily Princetonian.


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