Writers’ Series: Christine Wang

Originally posted November 29th, 2012 on Intersections

Ever wonder who’s behind the reviews you read? In an effort to make Intersections feel less anonymous, we’re starting a weekly ‘Writers’ Series‘ that will feature one of our bloggers. Each writer will share something personal and creative with you — like their favorite classic movies or top ten songs to rave to — so you can get to know their personalities a bit better. Enjoy!

Hi! I’m Christine Wang. I hail from the most perfect city of San Diego, California. I generally write about dance, but I am obsessed with music – naturally, the two go together, ya?

I’ve chosen the theme of “Christine’s Typical Thursday in a Playlist. These ten songs span several decades and sample multiple genres, but, most importantly, give you a snapshot of how I go about my days in musical form. My apologies if you find this confusing, horrifying, or idiotic, but I grew up listening to alt rock while trying to drown out my father’s Chinese pop and mother’s U2 and/or Phantom of the Opera CDs on long drives up to LA. While I can now appreciate U2 andPhantom, I still can’t get used to Chinese pop…but I guess that’s why my Spotify looks like this. Hit the jump to check out I’m jamming to.

1. “Lay Low” – Dragonette
Morning, I lay in bed and stare at my Christmas lights. I struggle to get dressed and brush my teeth.
Contemporary electronic pop songstress with undertones of Madonna.

2. “September” – Earthy, Wind & Fire
Late morning, post-first-coffee-of-the-day. Optimism.
Classic feel good song. Perfect for a pick me up on a winter day.

3. “La Bamba” – Ritchie Valens
Around noon, I start to miss summers in California.
Sounds like fresh guac,  Jarritos, and Highway 101.

4. “1979” – Smashing Pumpkins
Early afternoon, I start getting all nostalgic and wish it was still late 90’s/early 00’s.
Reminiscent of lazing about as the sun sets.

5. “Show Me” – Usher
Early evening, at dinner. I calm down and get excited about going out to destress.
Starts mellow and builds.

6. “Don’t Wake Me Up” – Chris Brown
Evening, I dance around like an eejit.
Standard dance pop track.

7. “Clique” – Kanye West ft. Jay-Z & Big Sean
Around midnight, I roll out to the Street.
When you feel invincible and that’s all that’s relevant.

8. “Refill” – Elle Varner
Just past midnight, I watch freshmen on the dance floor.
What reflections on freshman and sophomore year sound like.

9. “Let’s Get Lifted Again” – John Legend
Getting late, I end up at Terrace and look around at all the unfamiliar faces in my club.
Reminiscent of The Weeknd. One giant hazy sigh. Feels like that 4am daze when the caffeine has clearly addled your brain as you start your final push to dawn.

10. “Baba O’Riley” – The Who
The next morning.
This Woodstock-inspired rock classic always conjurs images of stereotypical Americana. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.


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