#365 Instagram Project: Week One

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve been thinking about the trigger happy Instagram culture and how it has turned everyone and their great aunt into a “photographer.” While I think it’s great that people are going out there and practicing amateur photography, I think that Instagram has also cheapened the value of a truly good photo. When I first joined Instagram, I truly enjoyed scrolling through my feed and following the lives of others through beautiful snapshots, but lately the average quality of the photos on my feed have steadily declined. The total photography novice approaches Instagram and marvels at how a filter can transform a rather ordinary photo into a beautiful one… As a result, there is little thought put into the composition or lighting as Instagram users are beginning to focus more on the subject matter and social aspects of the app rather than the hard photographic content.

I myself am guilty of many of these troubling trends and to combat this, I’ve decided to start a 365 project with my Instagram. I will take a single photo each day, no more, no less. If I take a photo and find something better later in the day, I must delete the earlier post. Titles will include the number in the series and a single word that captures why I chose the subject. Each week, I will post the seven photos I took on this blog. Here is week one.


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